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ON MANUFACTURING GEAR CAM Software The new 2018.1 version of hyperMILL CAM software features an enhanced "soft overlap" feature for blending machining marks found between steep and flat areas or located at the boundaries of rest machining regions. Also, the 3D-optimized roughing cycle has been improved to address applica- tions with high-feed cutters: A tool path movement removes rest material from corners when there is a very large step-over. An early release of hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining simulation is also included, which enables constant real time bi-directional communication between the machine tool controller and a remote VIRTUAL Machining simulation. Double-edged Grooving Inserts Walter Cut GX34 double-edged grooving inserts are specifically for deep grooving and parting of up to a diameter of 2.56 inches (65 mm). They can be used in monoblock tools as well as grooving tools with a reinforced blade. The inserts are clamped with screws for more-stable grooving operations than seen with single-edged, self-clamping solutions. Lengths of 1.34 inches (34 mm) and widths of 0.118–0.158 inches (3–4 mm) make these inserts suitable for larger diameter workpieces and turret style machines. Larger corner radii of 0.012 and 0.16 inches (0.3 and 0.4mm) also lend more stability and higher tool life. Rotary Infrared Welding The Dukane Rotary Infrared Welding System features multiple heating stations to reduce cycle time. The system is designed for assemblies falling within a footprint of 200 × 250 mm (7.87 × 9.84 inches) or less, requiring a fast cycle rate. The particulate-free, noncontact system is capable of producing welded assemblies as fast as every 8 seconds as compared to conventional IR welding machines that run at a rate of 30-40 seconds per cycle. These rates are accomplished by enabling the normally sequential welding steps (load, heater extend, melt, retract, join, hold, open and unload) to happen simultaneously on a rotary indexing machine. Tool Holder for Low-clearance Applications The BIG KAISER HDC Straight Shank holder is a hydraulic-chuck tool holder that features an extremely slim design to provide superior balance and concentricity as well as to enable reaching into confined areas. It can be clamped into other base holders to extend overall reach of the tool assembly and avoid the need for special tools. The slim nose design provides the necessary clearance for deep workpiece access. One hex key wrench is needed to clamp or loosen the cutting tool. Every HDC tool holder is guaranteed to 0.00012-inch TIR at 5× diameter. 46

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