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Page 44 of 51 Consider, for example, the materials. There are carbon fiber and suede—printed and laser-etched— used throughout the cabin. The center console is a massive wood assembly, based on the Japanese method of kanawa tsugi, which doesn't use nails or glue yet is locked together. And the cedar used for the center console— the very same, as it is sourced from the same tree—is used for the instrument panel. (Actually, they wanted to respect resource use, so the wood is overlays, not solid blocks of the material.) And then there are graphics. One of the things that Nissan wanted to accomplish in the Xmotion is a mixing of classic Japanese design elements with advanced technology. The screen of the instrument panel stretches across the top of the IP and is information intensive. "If you try to provide all of that information at full speed, at 100 percent, it would be overwhelming." So one of the things they did was add a bit of whimsical charm. There is a fingerprint identification pad on the top of the center console. Once IDed, there is a visual startup sequence that brings up an animation of a koi fish displayed on the top surface of the console; this is meant to be the driver's "virtual personal assistant." But the koi doesn't remain on the console; it seems to "jump" to the main screen on top of the IP. "I am not going to put a koi in every car," Albaisa says, but explains that this light touch adds a bit of humanity into a highly technical arena. "In Japan, we sell about 600,000 cars. We sell 5.9-million more everywhere else," Albaisa says. "That's the beauty of our brand. We can mix these influences."—GSV The interior of the Xmotion. Subtle pewter color for the exterior. A riot of color on the inside. 43 AD&P ∕ APRIL 2018 NISSAN XMOTION

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